Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be at the Climbing Unit in Derby and get to properly meet John Ellison, Mr. CAC himself (@climbersagainst). What an inspiration. If you’re still looking for a gift for the climber in your life, get over to the CAC website and treat them to a tee-shirt. If they’ve already got one, get them a hoody, or some pants or just some stickers! Help out a great cause and look good doing it.

This week’s cartoon is based on an original idea from climbing buddy Ian. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now, but it has not been without difficulty. The original idea can be seen here, but please be warned, I have tried to keep betamonkeys ‘clean’, abusive and sarcastic, yes, but relatively wholesome. This is not necessarily my default position. I do attach a parental advisory note. Like anyone is going to ask before clicking. I might as well suggest you read through the terms and conditions!

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