Happy new year to everyone who has been kind enough to spread the word about betamonkeys cartoons. I hope they continue to amuse you enough to want to carry on checking in and sharing. Today’s cartoon illustrates one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time. Except that conspiracy theories are usually peddled by crazy people and any right minded climber just knows this is TRUE! Those of you of a certain age will, I hope, appreciate that the ‘volumes’ control goes up to 11. ‘Awesomeness’ and ‘cake’ do not feature on the control panel as they are, of course always set to maximum at any good climbing centre. The cartoon also features a guest appearance from climbing buddy Joey Walker. He wasn’t originally cast in the role, it just sort of turned into him as the plot developed. May 2014 be awesome, on and off the rock, for all of you 🙂

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