Only one cartoon this week sorry. Hopefully the nerdiness and dreadful climbing pun will make up for it. It’s been a brilliant climbing week, starting with BlokFest at Nottingham Depot where Joe managed a really good sixth, narrowly beaten by really strong climbers. In addition to all the usual powerful yoof, it was a pleasure to watch and have a chat with Cameron Mcloughlin. Definitely one to watch. A couple of good sessions at The Climbing Station really helped shake of the baggage of the day job. Though finding out just how competitive Tara Hayes and Gracie Martin are over even a game of cards was rather a shock! The other good thing to come from this weeks efforts was this cartoon. It’s an idea that’s been bubbling around for a while and finally, with the help of climbing buddy and partner in silliness, Tim Killington, it finally found form. The preferred line was ‘4 inch positive ape’, but it didn’t work as well in the reveal. For those who might be totally stumped, try this link.

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