Wow! Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared and tweeted the nonsense. There has been a massive jump in numbers this week. Especially for some older cartoons featuring route setters. It’s almost as those there’s an underlying bitterness and resentment towards them… but that’s not possible is it?

Congratulations to Michaela Tracy and Dave Barrans for their awesome performance last weekend at the British Bouldering Championships. And a huge well done and reward of cake to Tara Hayes for her third place. This weekend sees the YCS finals and I shall have fingers crossed for Pippa Watkin. Go Crush Pippa!

This week’s cartoon is not the planned one, but after Monday night’s exposure to the toxic fumes of bouldering buddy Matt’s boots (which must contravene some international chemical weapons treatise), it had to be this. Judging by behaviour so far, I will expect to see the names of those guilty of similar crimes tagged in the picture on FB 😉

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