I’m so pleased that last week’s cartoon topped 2,500 views just on Facebook! Not quite world domination, but it’s a start. I really do appreciate the support from everyone sharing, liking, tweeting and generally spreading the silliness. You will of course be rewarded when I finally do assume my role as ruler of the world. In fact you might like to think about which bits of the planet (obviously those with good climbing) that you would like dominion over. If you fancy yourself as the Duke of Font or Baroness Stanage, I’m sure it can be arranged. A whole planet is a lot for one person to control all at the same time. Early adopters will of course get first choice. This week’s cartoon is dedicated to the utter awesomeness that is Tara Hayes, wishing her a speedy return to full fitness. I think it unlikely that her enforced rest will give me any chance to catch up 😉

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