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Thank you to everyone who bought a teeshirt. They are now all gone. No doubt to become valuable collectors items of a climbing future where everyone can flash 9a before they start school. The book is still available via Rock On Climbing and The Climbing Station. More stuff to come, hopefully soon!

It’s one thing for people to like your cartoons and say nice things. But when someone tracks you down and says “these are really cool. How about turning them into teeshirts?” That was really cool!


And so, Ed met Richie (of Rockrags) and the betamonkeys teeshirts were born. If only it had taken just 9 months!! Who’d have thought so much work went into such silliness. I might be the what passes for a brain behind the cartoons, but Richie is the driving force behind the shirts and from day one had a very firm idea of the quality and ethical standards of manufacture he wanted. Add to this the technicalities of turning a cartoon into a high quality print… oh what larks! Do you know why there aren’t more multi-coloured screen printed teeshirts on the market? Well, I do now. But I’m really glad we did it. For so many reasons, the lightbulb teeshirt is very special.stuThe betamonkeys teeshirt is the only thing in the world known to make Stuart (Crimp) Climbing smile.Except throwing things at people. 

The book started off as a bit of a last minute idea ‘oh we could do this’, kind of thing, but I am so pleased with the way it’s turned out. I’ve had so many people ask me about prints over the last couple of years, but wanted to make sure the quality was top notch that I’ve resisted it. I think the book fills that gap and hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the positive responses from everyone. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to bring you a new project that is a little different from the weekly web nonsense.

book2  book

Hop over to the Rockrags website, or try one of the stores that stock the tees and books and sort out all your last minute present buying needs for friends and family. Then to reward yourself for being so cutting edge – treat yourself! 🙂

Banner-2   richieThere’s nothing Richie likes more than posting photos on social media that allow him to show betamonkeys teeshirts in all their glory and simultaneously rub it smugly in everyone’s face how much nicer it is in Spain.