Welcome to the Betamonkeys Web Cartoon. Having worked on mikkabouzu for 5 years now, I decided it was time for a change. Thank you to everyone who has written nice things and encouraged me and provided ideas (especially as so many of them have been associated with personal suffering, humiliation, the loss of skin and associated dignity). I would like to especially thank Dave Whiteland (Grand Master of Fudebakudo), for all his advice and friendship.

If you’re new to the site, whether you’re a climber or not, I hope you will enjoy it and point others towards it at some time. I’ve been a freelance cartoonist for years, freelance of course meaning ‘doesn’t earn any money so I have to do a proper job’. So the rest of the time have to teach Psychology.

After many years absence, I got back into climbing with my son Joe and forgot just how much I missed it. I now experience that odd combination of pride at what a bouldering beast he is, mixed with the bitterness that he is so much better than me at just 15. I’m sure there is a long German word for it. Thanks to all the team at The Station in Loughbrough for all their friendship and training of the boy.

Thanks also to Tim Corrigan for all the the tech guidance. Similarly, Mike Grant and Damien Tomkiewicz for all the tech help and amusement at my incompetence. Actually I think that’s just Mike. A special thanks to Mark Shepherd, my linguistic conscience (any mistakes found on the website are because I haven’t yet decoded his proof reading koans). Mark, like Dave, is a true polymath. A one time training partner, he still causes me pain even though he now lives in Poland.

The list of climbing buddies is long and I owe you all so much – rest assured, you will all be appearing here soon enough 😉

Lastly thanks to my wife for her years of encouragement to do something like this.

Please don’t copy these cartoons without asking first. If you do I’ll have to send the ninja round. Really.