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Look! Multilingual and everything?
So excited to be working with Café Kraft on this project.
For those that don’t know, my proper job is teaching psychology (you didn’t think I make a living with this nonsense did you ??).
The irony is that my psychological approach to climbing lets me down as much as just being weak! I wanted to read Jerry’s MASTERMIND book because I think learning from those who have practically applied the principles is better than any amount of theory.
It turned out to be so much more than an interesting read. It’s a training course. Not only have the principles considered been ‘pressure tested’, but It’s a work book. The reader is encouraged to interact with it, and use it to follow and record a process to develop their cognitive approach to climbing. And, of course it’s as beautifully produced as everything else from Café Kraft.
Have a great weekend everyone?

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